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Part Number: 140300

VENT, 2″, POLY/Stainless, Press/Vac, 3# PSI/ .5# Vac, Viton Gasket, Gits, Fully Open at 5# PSI

Part Number: 140734

BUNG, Fermenting/Ventilating Bung, 2″ Cone Shape

Part Number: 140045

VENT, 2″, POLY, White, Press/Vac, 5# PSI/.5# Vac, Viton O-Rings

Part Number: 140292

VENT, 2″, 316SS, Press/Vac, 3# PSI/.5# Vac, Viton Gasket, Low Profile, High Vacuum Relief

Part Number: 140172

316SS, 2-pc, Full Port, Reverse Lockable Handle, IN LINE CLOSED

Part Number: 140685

GASKET, 22-1/2″ Drum Cover, EPDM, White, FDA Compliant, Full Wrap

Part Number: 140900

304SS, Butterfly, Sanitary Tri-Clamp Connections, 3 Position Lockable Handle, IN LINE CLOSED

Part Number: 140129

CLAMP, 2″, 304SS, Sanitary Tri-Clamp, HD Single Pin

Part Number: 140130

CAP, 2″, 304SS, Sanitary Tri-Clamp, Solid

Part Number: 140193

GASKET, 2″, FDA Silicone, Sanitary Tri-Clamp

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